What We Do


By facilitating collaboration with NYSERDA, utilities, researchers, and other stakeholders, NY Grid CONNECT accelerates innovative solutions and explores novel ways to close gaps to build a power grid that supports New York’s climate goals in a cost-effective manner.

NY Grid CONNECT takes a three-phase approach to collaborations

NY Grid Connect Collaboration Graph

NY Grid CONNECT Collaboration Graph: Focus, Effectiveness and Impact.

1. Focus

Refine scope of needs into addressable problems

  • Identify topics to develop the priority area
  • Define problem statements through collaborative activities

2. Effectiveness

Bridge solutions to meet needs

  • Examine problem statements to discover solutions and pathways
  • For ready-to-deploy technologies, connect to funding via Program Opportunity Notices (PONs) or Requests for Proposals (RFPs)
  • For needs requiring additional testing, use digital tools (like the NYPA Agile Lab) to transform problem statements into actionable inputs

3. Impact

Advance solutions towards future needs

We aim to maximize outcomes by promoting knowledge sharing and fostering further innovation. This involves:

  • Compiling learnings and measuring outcomes for replication
  • Enhancing results through knowledge sharing and opportunities for further innovation
  • Encouraging increased engagement and collaboration between program participants within NY Grid CONNECT and beyond