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Diagram of New York's Nation-Leading Climate Targets

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New York’s Nation-Leading Climate Targets

The diagram outlines the goals and milestones in New York’s Climate Act. Now: Over 165,000 clean energy jobs, with a projection of more than 200,000 new jobs added. By 2025: Renewable Energy target is 6,000MW of distributed solar moving to 10,000MW. Resilient and Distributed Grid goal is 1,500MW of energy storage, expanding to 3,000 MW. Energy Efficiency and Building Decarbonization target is 185TBtu end-use savings in buildings and industrial facilities, aiming to reach 1 million electric homes and 1 million electrification-ready homes. By 2030: Renewable Energy/Clean Energy Standard target is 70% electricity from renewable energy. Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Reduction goal is a 40% reduction from 1990 levels. By 2035: Renewable Energy target is 9,000 MW of offshore wind. Clean Transportation goal is 100% light-duty zero-emission vehicle sales. By 2040: Clean Electricity goal is 100% zero-emission electricity. By 2050: Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Reduction goal is an 85% reduction from 1990 levels.

New York State’s Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act

New York State’s Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (Climate Act), signed into law in 2019, builds on almost a decade of climate leadership and the latest climate science. Its targets are among the most ambitious climate laws in the nation. Every New Yorker will play a key role in protecting  communities and ensuring a sustainable future. Together, we will transform New York’s economy, create new jobs, and stimulate industry and innovation while building more resilient communities that benefit and protect all New Yorkers.

The Climate Action Council voted to advance the New York State Climate Action Council Scoping Plan in 2022, after a multi-year stakeholder process. The Scoping Plan’s recommendations provide the foundation to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, drive critical building and transportation electrification, secure climate justice, and advance the State’s commitment to economywide carbon neutrality by 2050. These recommendations are consistent with interim and long-term directives established in the Climate Act.

NY Grid CONNECT supports the recommendations in the Scoping Plan by sparking innovation and partnerships to build the best grid for New York, while supporting Climate Act goals.

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